Welcome to Southern Highlands Tanzania Tourism

Mwalalo Waterfalls

Visit these spectacular waterfalls and enjoy a refreshing swim in the inviting plunge pool after a beautiful hike up the Mwalalo river and an exhilarating climb to reach the top.

Lyulilo Pottery Market

Lyulilo is a pottery market located in Matema. Pottery is sold for both retail and wholesale. The market offers a great chance to see the range of products, from small ornamental pots to frying pans, cooking pots, charcoal cookers, larger pots for storing food and water and much more. There are also pottery producers working at the market, enabling visitors to watch the process in action and skills involved. It is possibe for pots to be made on request, so you can design something unique.


Kilambo Hot Springs

This is a place of scattered hot water springs situated approx. 5 km from Kyela township. Visitors can see the water bubble and flow from the rocks at boiling point. For generations, locals have used the water for its exceptional mineral content, especially calcium.

Katago Forest

Find yourself immeresed in this small remaining forest. Even a couple of metres inside the trees it feels spookily removed from the outside world. For good reason, this is a forest with a dark history. Early in the 20thcentury, disabled people, such as those with leprosy and handicapped children were thrown there as cast-offs and left to die. Today it is left untouched by loggers and locals because of their fear of remaining spirits.

Ndandalo Suspension Bridge

This is a wire bridge of width just sufficient for a person to cross. It joins the villages of Ndandalo and Ibungu. This tour includes stops at cocoa farms, banana plantations and red palm oil plantations. It may also include other activities such as watching a traditional dance. This is a walking tour. It is possible to arrange to have lunch prepared by a villager, or else a picnic lunch can be brought.

Nakyala cave, Ikombe village

This is a cave nestled at the foot of the Livingstone Mountains on the shore of Lake Nyasa. It can be reached only by local fishing canoes. On the lakeshore, the waters are clear and colourful ornamental fish can be seen. The cave is believed to go as far as the Makete district, and that during tribal wars people used the tunnel as secret passage for escape to the Njombe region and beyond. To this day, it is a place of significant cultural importance where people go for sacrifice and other ritual activities.