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Ngonga Beach Resort is a unique, luxurious Hotel located at the heart of Ngonga Village in Kyela, Mbeya, Southern highlands Tanzania, only 15 kms from Kyela Town, and 140 KM from Songwe Airport Mbeya, The village is one of the few Remaining traditional villages in Tanzania today. Ngonga Beach Resort opened in January 2016 and Has already built a reputation for excellence. The Resort offers magnificent views of Lake Nyasa and the Livingstone Mountains.


Unlike most other Beach Resorts throughout East Africa, Ngonga Beach is surrounded by Nature; we have a lot of shades from amazing natural trees.


Your Paradise on earth!!

Enjoy a sunny beach with soft sand and beautiful environment, specialty restaurants featuring the best international cuisine, gift shop, fishing, canoeing, Boat safari, wave runner, kitting, Cycling Tour, Beach volleyball, Basketball, beach football and variety of beach games.


Kyela has a hot climate with mean temperature of 23.C lying in the flood plains of Lake Nyasa; it receives seasonal heavy rains with the heaviest rainfalls usually occurring between March and May.


It is located in Kyela, Mbeya District, Tanzania, 15 Kilometers from Kyela Town, where they have more than one acre of beach area along side Lake Nyasa, a base for River Songwe and River Kiwila, Livingstone Mountain on the other side of the lake that connects Kyela with Njombe Region.

Ngonga Beach Resort

The Resort allows its guests to experience magnificent sights and enjoy interaction with the land and Lake Nyasa difficult to find elsewhere, whilst at the same time enjoying the highest level of cuisine and hospitality.


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The resort offers a diverse range of wining and dining options including grill room, a fresh pizza and pasta, nyamachoma (Tanzanian barbecue) and all other local and International kind of foods. Itete Bar area is strategically placed with an uninterrupted view of the Livingstone Mountains and the lake Nyasa, and has a terrace for seating with comfortable chairs.


Our Guestrooms and Suites have been designed and decorated with your total comfort in mind. We have 15 single rooms furnished with the Necessary facilities, including air con, en-suites, TVs, Wi-Fi, private balconies, kitchens and queen size Beds. Our three spacious double/Family suites and two private rooms also boast lounge areas and Verandahs facing Lake Nyasa and the Livingstone Mountains

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